Veteran's Day

The Journey Continues:  Veteran's Day

    Veteran's Day is a time to pay tribute to all American veterans both the living and the dead, who contributed bravely to provide and protect our freedom as a country.  Each veteran is unique. Stories I remember from my journey follow:

    Story #1:  WWII, Italy, 36th Infantry Division. "The sergeant began arduously crawling through the sand toward the machine gun nest. The Germans spotted him and concentrated their full attention in his direction and he was seriously wounded. Blood began to form in a pool underneath the sargeant. With one final burst of determination, the sergeant tossed a grenade, and the four German machine gunners crumpled into heaps -- dead.
His work done and bleeding profusely, the sergeant lapsed into unconsciousness. A short distance away, another GI was working his way toward a German panzer that had been pouring rounds into his comrades. Bullets ripped into both his legs. He lay on the ground helpless, and the enemy tank ground forward and ran over him.

    GI medics later discovered an amazing coincidence. The sergeant who had been badly wounded knocking out a German machine-gun nest and the soldier a short distance away who had engaged in a lopsided duel with a panzer tank, each had the same name, Manuel S. Gonzales." (from Unexplained Mysteries of World War II by William B Bruer.)

    Story #2: From my area of West Texas, the story of the Jones brothers -- from the Hamlin Herald News, Nov. 10, 2106 edition. WWII found the brothers, Doyle and Rex Jones, both inducted into the Army on the same day and left for the same camp. Together, they were assigned to four camps in the state, sailed on the same boat for New Guinea and served the same length of time there. They both sailed for the Philippines together and served in the same division, but different companies. Both went to the front line in combat in different locales, yet on the same consecutive nineteenth day of combat for each, they were wounded, met, and flown on the same plane to the  


same hospital. This twosome was placed in the same ward with identical wounds that occurred on March 12, 1945, their father's birthday."

    Story #3:  Jesus honors the faith of a veteran. Six times in the New Testament, centurions are mentioned; all in a favorable light. The scriptures record the faith of a centurion, a military leader in the Roman Army, in Matthew 8:5 "a Centurion came to Jesus asking for healing for his servant who was sick. The centurion humbly honored Christ as a superior authority." True faith honors Christ and Christ honors true faith--the veteran's servant was healed. Today we honor our veterans, but we worship Jesus Christ as our great commander-in-chief.



Jim Lanning -- San Marcos Daily Record, November 5, 2017