JourneyContinues -- Racism

The Journey Continues -- Racism


     My journey takes me to the death of George Floyd and the examination of racism. Literally “pickup” loads of print have been offered on the subject; I want to add my thoughts on this especially important topic.

     Growing up on a remote ranch in West Texas, I had no personal contact with anyone of my age that was of another race and this continued when I attended Texas A&M University from 1960-64. I was ignorant.

     It was only after entering the United States Army that I met and served with men and women of color. Over the next 21 years I am proud to have experienced neighbors, co-workers, fellow combat soldiers and commanders that were African American.

     Today, based on the outcome of the George Floyd killing, it is fair to say that we have a race problem in the United States. Centered on hate, lack-of-trust, disrespect and inequality. This is our problem; God did not cause it.

     People are getting tired of waiting for change.

     I quote Mauricio Miller ( from his article, “Feeding Racism:”

“The murder of George Floyd may have sparked the current indignation, but it is not the root cause of the frustration we should all feel. The paternalism and complicity of those of us who claim to care about social justice continually boasting about our efforts to bolster the ‘needy people’ who live in communities of color does them a disservice -- and keep stereotypes and racism alive. We cannot have equality until those of us who champion social justice realize that our communities of color are not our playground. Doing good can no longer be good enough.”

     Enter Paul Buntyn, original member of the Veteran’s Patrol San Marcos, Pastor Emeritus of Abundant Life Christian Church, who is organizing local pastors to establish a narrative dialogue using the book Being the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation by Latasha Morrison. The book is committed to the objective of pursuing justice and racial unity in light of the Gospel.

     The Veteran’s Patrol is an example of positive multicultural relationships (gender, race, ethnicity, and education (social and economic). It provides a template for a platform of change. It is a special blend of brothers and sisters who understand each other. It can lead the way.

Jim Lanning -- San Marcos Record, June 7, 2020