J.D. Elshoff

The Journey Continues --  J.D. Elshoff

     My journey this week led me to discover how busy a person can be when he devotes himself to the Lord's work. I've known J.D. Elshoff through a 4th Day Group with the Walk to Emmaus; through attending First Baptist Church services at the same time most Sundays; and through his membership in many volunteer positions with San Marcos and Hays County groups that testify to his servant's heart. 

     He served honorably with the United States Marine Corps Recon in Vietnam and continued "Service to the Nation" after joining the Texas State Guard as a Chaplain.  When we held our first Veterans Patrol meeting in San Marcos, J.D. was there.  He always responds when I call on him, willing to help fellow veterans. 

     I wrote a column in the Daily Record about him back in January of this year; but, unhappily, I can't find the document in my saved word file!   I remember calling him a "fisher of men," because whatever he is doing, he is doing it for the Lord.  J.D.'s favorite verse is Matthew 5:9 "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God."


Jim Lanning -- April 2020